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  11. Fender Security Strap Locks Black
Fender Security Strap Locks Black
  • Fender Security Strap Locks Black
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Fender Security Strap-Locks Black

Avoid accidents by using Fender® Security Strap Locks. Special strap buttons for the guitar and special locks for the strap keep your favorite guitar or bass safe and secure.

Available in chrome, black or gold. Kit includes two strap locks, two buttons, two mounting screws and felt washers.

Security Strap Locks, Black
Seria: Strap Locks and Buttons
Origine: KR

Corp chitară:
Culoare: Black

Greutate: 0.05 kg
Dimensiuni: 2.67x12.83x16.26 (cm)


Tip AccesoriiDiverse accesorii pt chitari , Piese de schimb pt chitari