Eventide H90 Harmonizer
  • Eventide H90 Harmonizer
  • Eventide H90 Harmonizer
  • Eventide H90 Harmonizer

Eventide H90 Harmonizer

Processor Chitara H90 Harmonizer

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Processor Chitara Eventide H90 Harmonizer

Peste 62 de algoritmi de efect, întârzieri, reverb, modulație și efect de pitch
Artefact-free polyphonic pitch shifter
Proprietary SIFT technology (Spectral Instantaneous Frequency Tracking)
7 Algoritmi noi: Polyphonic Chord Transpose, Prism Shift to create additional chord tones, Even-Vibe Emulation, Head Space Vintage Tape Delay effect, Bouquet Delay Bucket Brigade Delay, Wormhole (modulated reverb with pitch warping) and Weedwacker (two-stage overdrive)
2 Push Turn controls (Select/Perform)
3 Quick Knobs
4 Edit Mode push buttons
Leduri: System (1x Programs, 1x Routing) and Tempo (1x Presets, 1x Parameters), 3x footswitch function indicators
Bluetooth LED
8 LEDs as input level display
OLED display
True bypass
3 footswitchuri programabile
Intrari: 2 x mono / stereo jack
2 External Insert Return / Dual Path 2 Input: Jack
MIDI In and MIDI Out / Thru
Iesiri: 2 mono/stereo jacks
2 intrari externe Trimitere/Dual Path 2 Ieșire: mufă jack
2 intrări pentru comutator AUX / pedale de expresie
Mains adapter connection: Hollow female plug 5.5 x 2.1 mm, negative pole inside

Alimentare cu adaptor de rețea de 9 - 12 V DC

Dimensiuni (L x A x A): 170 x 136 x 65 mm

Greutate: 841 g

Fabricat in USA



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