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Statie amplificare PSSO HP 2400
  • Statie amplificare PSSO HP 2400
  • Statie amplificare PSSO HP 2400
2 ani

Statie amplificare PSSO HP 2400

Seria: HP 2400
Disponibilitate: 7-10 zile
Garanţie: 2 ani
Preţ: 3582.25 lei (Include TVA)
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0367 409 409


Dimensiune456 x 482 x 88 mm
Greutate22 kg
Iesirespeakon, borne
Impedantestereo 4-8 Ohm, sau mono 8 Ohm
Inaltime2 U
Putere mono1x2400W8Ohm
Putere stereo2 x 1200W4Ohm, 2 x 690W8Ohm
Racire2 x Ventilatoare
Raspuns frecventa20-20000 Hz
THD0.01 %
Class H technology
Power supply with softstart
High impulse stability
Stable metal housing
Plain design with aluminum front panel
Rack installation with 2 units
Complete protection set against overheat, overload, short-circuit, DC, softstart
3 operating modes can be selected (stereo, parallel or bridged)
Electronically balanced inputs via XLR/Jack mounting sockets
Outputs via lockable Speaker-plugs
Operation mode visible via LED display for Signal, Protect and Clip
Calibrated input controls for exact level control, power switch
Ground Lift switch against humming
Bridged switch for bridging
30 Hz Low Cut on the rear panel
Combines superior sound quality with highest reliabilty at significant lower weight
Stable permanent power for all models
Reliable power amp for a wide range of applications

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