Sintetizator Roland Jupiter X

Sintetizator Roland Jupiter X

Jupiter X
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Număr de clape 61

Tipul tastaturii Standard, Semi Weighted with Aftertouch

Intrări 1x Jack 6,3 mm TS (mic), 2x Jack 3,5 mm TRS (AUX, link), 1x USB, Sustain Pedal, Control Pedal

Ieşiri 1x Jack 6,3mm TS, 1x XLR, 1x Headphone Jack 6,3mm TRS, 1x Headphone Jack 3,5mm TRS

Aftertouch Da


USB to Device Nu

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USB to Host Da

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Need something wonderful, fast? JUPITER-X’s I-Arpeggio is a next generation arpeggiator that uses artificial intelligence to not just accompany you, but to inspire you. I-Arpeggio takes your input—notes, rhythms, phrases—and creates complementary drum parts, basslines, chords, and arpeggiated lines. It works on each of JUPITER-X’s five parts simultaneously, and generated patterns can be customized and even exported to your DAW. These aren’t canned backing tracks—they’re intelligently generated beats and phrases that energize live performance and pulverize writer’s block.
In addition to its informative display, JUPITER-X has an array of large, comfortable knobs, sliders, and buttons. They feel sturdy and precise for incredibly smooth sweeps and subtle changes. And with the dedicated effects section and quick switching between synth layers, you can immediately take control of any aspect of a sound. This kind of natural, hands-on control gives you the feeling of reaching in and touching the sound, shaping it to find just the right settings for the moment.
JUPITER-X can layer up to five parts, four for synths and one for drums. Its engine can power multiple authentic Roland classics like the JX-8P or JUPITER-8 with enough polyphony to create thick layers and complex backing parts. Create the perfect bass and lead split with an SH-101 and JUNO-106, layer a rich RD piano with lush JX-8P strings, or make a monster stack of JUPITER-8s.
Whether it’s a personal studio, professional studio, or a touring rig, JUPITER-X is right at home. The tough metal and premium components mean it stands up to the rigors of live performance and always feels solid and precise. The high-quality balanced connections, numerous performance controllers, and multiple pedal inputs make JUPITER-X ready for any situation.
The 61-key JUPITER-X is the peak of Roland sound quality and design. Its all-metal build uses premium materials throughout, and the all-new aftertouch-enabled keyboard is the best we’ve ever made. A familiar layout and large array of controls let you dig in and easily shape your sounds, whether you’re composing in the studio or performing on stage.
JUPITER-X has a classic and expansive control layout that’s immediately familiar. The extended controls are large and comfortable while the big RGB lit buttons give assurance in dimly lit studios and stages. The aftertouch enabled 61-note keyboard is a dream to play with just the right amount of weight to handle anything from electric pianos to face-melting leads.

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