Stativ Cinel Roland DBS 10

Stativ Cinel Roland DBS 10

DBS 10
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Double-Braced Boom Stand for V-Cymbals

The DBS-10 is a telescopic cymbal stand for Roland V-Cymbals. While originally developed for the V-Drums Acoustic Design series, it’s equally at home with other V-Drums kits. It features three double-braced legs for stability, and offers a heavy-duty chrome finish for durability and strong looks.

The DBS-10’s cymbal mount is designed for V-Cymbals, providing the appropriate pivot mounting to enable natural swinging motion. Three sections of chrome tubing allow the stand to be set to the most comfortable height for your layout, and a telescopic boom arm with geared tilter provides maximum flexibility for cymbal positioning. It’s also possible to stow the boom arm in the top downtube to create a straight cymbal stand if desired.

•              Rugged chrome stand that works with all Roland V-Cymbals

•              Double-braced legs with sturdy rubber feet for stability

•              Three telescopic tube sections and boom arm with geared tilter allow maximum flexibility for positioning cymbals

•              Shaped mount for V-Cymbal included

Double-braced boom stand for V-Cymbals.

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