Stativ Cinel si Tom Roland DCS 10

Stativ Cinel si Tom Roland DCS 10

DCS 10
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Double-Braced Combination Stand for V-Pads and V-Cymbals

The DCS-10 is a telescopic cymbal stand with a built-in tom holder. While originally developed for the V-Drums Acoustic Design series, it’s equally at home with V-Cymbals and V-Pads in other V-Drums kits. It features three double-braced legs for stability, and offers a heavy-duty chrome finish for durability and strong looks.

The DCS-10’s cymbal mount is designed for V-Cymbals, providing the appropriate pivot mounting to enable natural swinging motion. Three sections of chrome tubing allow the stand to be set to the most comfortable height for your layout, while the L-rod tom mount with ball joint can be independently adjusted without affecting the overall stand height. A telescopic boom arm with geared tilter provides maximum flexibility for cymbal positioning. It’s also possible to stow the boom arm in the top downtube to create a straight cymbal stand if desired.

•              Combination stand that works with all Roland V-Cymbals and V-Pads

•              Double-braced legs with sturdy rubber feet for stability

•              Three telescopic tube sections and boom arm with geared tilter allow maximum flexibility for positioning cymbals

•              L-rod tom mount with ball clamp for easy pad positioning

•              Tom mount can be adjusted independently without interfering with the height of the cymbal

Double-braced combination stand for V-Pads and V-Cymbals.


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