Toba Mare Roland KD-180 L BK

Toba Mare Roland KD-180 L BK

KD-180 L BK
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Compact V-Drums Acoustic Design Kick Drum

V-Drums Acoustic Design expands the V-Drums experience by blending the distinctive aesthetic of acoustic drums with Roland’s leading digital drum technology. Every component realizes the authentic crafted appearance of high-quality acoustic drums, with full-diameter wood shells, deluxe shell wraps, and heavy-duty chrome hardware designed by Roland.

Crafted with a shallow-depth wood shell, the 18” KD-180L-BK kick drum delivers V-Drums Acoustic Design looks and playability in a compact size. It features an innovative pad sensor built into a head that mounts using the same method as an acoustic drum head. Every time the beater strikes, air pressure inside the shell is precisely vented for a pedal feel that’s remarkably similar to an acoustic kick drum. And thanks to Roland’s advanced triggering and sensor technology, every stroke is accurately detected for perfect digital sound reproduction.

•              18” x 7” kick pad with wood shell construction

•              Innovative kick sensor system fits to a drum head that moves air inside the shell for authentic acoustic feel

•              Shallow shell design provides no-compromise performance in a compact size

•              Two stabilizing legs for sturdy playability

•              Black wrap and custom chrome hardware

V-Drums Acoustic Design 18” kick drum with shallow-depth wood shell.


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